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How to Price a Product Jun 18, 2024

Setting your prices is all about careful planning and knowing what your hard work is worth. Unfortunately, it’s also really, really hard! 

It's kind of like raising kids: You're expected to know how to do it, but no one’s ever taught you how. And it's not objective—there...

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3 Tips to Save Time for Small Business Owners (And Everyone, Really) Jun 11, 2024

How do you do everything? How do you balance family, finances, schedules, health, and actually having a life? And a business?

The frustrating truth is that we have become scattered and exhausted. We get to the end of the day and we don't even know if we did anything. But we did. We did a lot of...

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How to Use ChatGPT as Your Writer May 28, 2024

It seems like AI is everywhere these days, doesn’t it? Just about every kind of business is trying to figure out how they can use it to their advantage. 

When it comes to creating content, AI software like ChatGPT can be a great resource. But if you’ve ever used ChatGPT for...

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Email List Marketing for Beginners May 17, 2024

 Did you know that email list marketing is a critical piece of your business’s marketing strategy? On average, emails have an open rate of 33%, which is higher than any other form of advertising or marketing. As you start to create your marketing plan, building an effective email list...

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How to Do Your Own Consumer Research Apr 30, 2024

If you don't know exactly who your business exists to serve, you can't build a loyal brand that people come back to again and again. You can’t build trust if you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, what matters to them, and what resonates with them. 

Do you know who your...

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