The Key to Knowing Who You Are: Getting Back to You Part 2


Get back to you with my brand-new devotional, Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You, that will help you break through the busyness of life and build the confidence you need to embrace the person you want to be. 

I want to be true to me. And I want you to live true to you as well. So, today, we’re talking about how to live true to you. Jamie Ivey, my good friend and bestselling author, joins us to talk about her new book, You Be You. Then, we’ll open up our journals and dive into what it really means to be loved and live true to ourselves.

Why You’re Not Who You Think You Are

It’s so important for us to get to the root of our identity to know who we truly are. But so often, we look to others to tell us who we are. We look at the world around us and look at our roles and responsibilities and titles to find our sense of identity. But as wonderful as some of those roles and responsibilities and relationships are, they do not define you. The world can never tell you who you are. There’s only one place that you can find the true source of your identity.

We can’t live a life true to ourselves if we don't first look to the one who gave us life to begin with. You’re so much more than those roles and responsibilities. Sure, those things are wonderful blessings in your life, but they’re not everything. They don't define you, and they aren’t the single source of your identity. If one of those things changes, you need to know that you’re still enough. You still have value. God says that you’re created, and you’re chosen. He made you, and He doesn’t make mistakes. You’re adored. You’re loved. He delights in you. And He’s with you and wants to spend time with you.

You’re loved by the God of the universe. That’s who you are.

Are You Struggling to Be Yourself? With Jamie Ivey

I’m so excited because Jamie Ivey is joining us in the studio today to dive deeper into this topic of knowing who you really are. She also shares more about her brand-new book, You Be You. Here are a few topics from our conversation:

  • Balancing contentment and ambition
  • The secret to staying rooted in your identity
  • Combatting comparison
  • Living with purpose in seasons of waiting
  • Redefining success in our lives

What God Wishes You Knew

“Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isaiah 64:8 (NIV)

We’re made in the image of God. We’re a product of His creation. It's so easy to look at all of our flaws and failures, mistakes and missteps, and all the ways we've gotten it wrong and messed up. But there's also something really beautiful about the fact that God created us, and He doesn’t make mistakes.

I think about how many wonderful things I love about my kids, and how many things I want for them, and how proud I am of them. But for some reason, translating that to the God of the universe—that He could love me more than that—that's so hard to wrap my mind around. Take some time to answer these questions today:

  1. If you have children, how do you feel about them? If you don't have children, think about people in your life that you love so much. How do you feel about them?
  2. What do you hope they know about themselves?
  3. This is more of a challenge: I want you to take what you wrote down as an answer for your first and second questions, and I want you to write down every one of those statements as truth about you from your Heavenly Father. Let that sink into your spirit, then let yourself live from that truth.