Need more time, money and energy? Here's the Solution.


If you don’t protect what matters to you, no one else will. That’s why I created a list of 25 ways to protect your time—so you can say no without causing any hurt feelings. The next time a friend or family member asks you to add something to your already full plate, you can politely pass with confidence. Download the guide now—for free!

As we continue to work through the outer layer of the Core of Confidence, we’re diving into what it looks like to value our resources—our time, money and energy. Bestselling author and productivity expert Michael Hyatt joins me to discuss what it actually looks like to manage your resources, like your calendar and productivity. Then, we’re going to process it all through a few journal questions about becoming better stewards of our time, money and energy. Let’s dive in!

Three Things You Need to Value More

Here’s what I’ve noticed: There’s a major difference in my life when I value something and when I don’t. One of the most limited resources we have is our time, but it’s often the thing we value the least, treating it like it’s limitless.

God calls us to be good stewards of our time, money and energy. But when it comes to actually doing that, we feel anxious, stressed and frustrated. That means, there’s a disconnect between what you care about and what your life actually reflects.

Friend: Life balance isn't about doing everything for an equal amount of time. It's about doing the right things at the right time and living from your values. It's about spending your one life on what you actually care about.

When you’re living from your values, you’ll be less stressed and more confident. Why? Because you’re choosing to be intentional with what God has given you. And as you learn to value your resources and strengthen that muscle overtime, you’ll look up and realize you not only like yourself, but you also actually like the life that you’re living.

The Secret to Protecting Your Time With Michael Hyatt

Today, I’m chatting with bestselling author Michael Hyatt. Michael is brilliant when it comes to time management and productivity, so we’re unpacking what it looks like to value your resources—especially your time. Here are some key points from our conversation:

  • Debunking the “hustle fallacy”
  • The possibility of winning at home and work
  • Finding success in time management
  • Giving yourself permission to be present
  • Being generous with your resources without burning out

Are You Wasting Your Resources?  

Our Scripture of the week comes from Matthew 25:14–30 called The Parable of the Talents. Read it here.

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to be faithful with what we've been given and to be wise stewards of our money, time and what we put our energy, efforts and talents into. I want you to think about what this means in your life, both spiritually and practically, and write down your answers to these questions:

  1. Which do you tend to do more? Do you tend to be overly generous, or maybe even wasteful with your resources, where you just kind of spend it without thinking? Or do you tend to hold your resources with closed fists?  
  2. Where do you sense God is trying to help you grow when it comes to your resources?
  3. Write down a prayer asking God to show you how he wants you to spend your resources: your time, money, energy, focus and effort.