Jul 9, 2019

Ep 77: How to Attract More Customers to Your Business

Show Notes


“Christy, how do I get more customers?”

The most common question I’m ever asked—more than questions about social media, goal setting or time management—is how to get more customers. I get this question almost every single day.

But before we go any further, I need to bust a myth you might be believing that is keeping you from getting more customers.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard people say: “If you build it, they will come.”

How many times have you heard that line? How many times have you believed that simply creating a website meant people would visit? Or opening a store meant people would stop in?

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I hate to tell you this, but it’s just not true. No matter what you build, customers don’t show up out of the blue.

Why not? Because . . .

  • They’re busy.
  • They’re distracted.
  • They’re tired.
  • They have hundreds of other messages vying for their attention.

We have to stop building these big, awesome, impressive things and wondering why customers aren’t showing up. We have to do something different. Instead of sitting back and waiting for customers to come to you, it’s time for you to go after your customers.

You have to figure out where your ideal customers hang out and build relationships with them. And only then, when you’ve added value to their lives, can you invite them to become a customer.

So, how do you actually do that? I’ve got four different tips to get you started!

Four Ways to Find More Customers  

1. Get scrappy.

Some of you are sitting around waiting for some sophisticated formula or fool-proof plan to attract more customers. I hate to break it to you, but business doesn’t work that way. Business is a science and an art, which means that while there are certainly best practices to keep in mind, there’s no perfect path to success.

Most business owners become successful not because they’re sophisticated, but because they’re really stinkin’ scrappy. They’re willing to get their hands dirty and try a bunch of different things to get the word out.

They’re willing to show up at other businesses with donuts, coffee, samples and a business card. They’re not afraid to pick up the phone and do some cold calling. The bottom line is, you have to be willing to do the hard work of building relationships—and that takes a whole lot of scrappiness.

2. Get referrals.

When you need your hair colored or your house cleaned, who do you want to hire? Someone you trust, right? And how do you find someone you trust? You ask your friends!

Y’all, this is so important! Referrals are just another way of describing word-of-mouth marketing—the most effective form of marketing. The best part is, it’s free!

So, if you’re not actively incentivizing your current clients to refer their friends and asking them for testimonials, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to find new customers.

3. Improve your marketing.

I want you to take a good look at your marketing efforts as a whole. Look at the different ways you’re marketing your business—from your website to your social media posts and the emails you send. Then I want you to ask yourself: 

  • Is the design clean and beautiful?
  • Is the copy clear?
  • Is your call to action direct and obvious?

Try to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. Get to the root of the problem before you look for a solution. For example, if you’re not getting any sales from your online store, is it because no one is visiting the website or because people are visiting but not buying? Knowing exactly why you’re not getting sales will help you know what you need to change and improve.

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4. Try something new.

If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you’ll just keep getting the same results. So, if you want to grow your business by increasing your customer base, you have to be willing to experiment to find out what works best for your target market.

Try something new on social media, on your website, on your Esty store, or even in person as you pitch your product or service to someone. Try a new promotion and see what kind of buzz you get. Or maybe you need to show up at a different place and meet a different group of people. When you try new approaches, you are much more likely to find fresh, innovative ways to attract more of your ideal customers.

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Finding more customers is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, there are so many different ways to do it. Let’s recap the four you should start with. Get scrappy: Don’t worry about a sophisticated formula—just show up and meet new people. Get referrals: Encourage your current tribe to market for you. Improve your marketing: See where you can make tweaks and adjustments to your marketing strategy. And finally: keep experimenting, trying new things, and doing more of what works. You got this!

Reina Pomeroy

Attracting New Customers to Your Business with Reina Pomeroy

Reina Pomeroy is an expert at sales and attracting more customers. She’s the founder of Reina + Co., host of the Fueled with Heart podcast and the creator of the Dreamy Client Magnet program. I love how she encourages business owners to be heart-centered, where their passion for the work and the customer always gets first priority.

On this episode, Reina and I talk about:

  • How to make more sales by serving your customers well
  • How to work on your money mind-set
  • Why you don’t need more followers to get more customers
  • How to network and build relationships the right way

The One Quality That Will Transform Every Relationship

I was on a panel a few years ago at a Ramsey Smart Conference alongside #1 bestselling author Les Parrott. Les is a brilliant clinical psychologist and relationship expert.

We were a part of a Q&A session, and someone in the audience asked Les for his best piece of marriage advice—no small question.

His answer completely changed my life. Turns out, his best piece of marriage advice was simply to have empathy. That’s it: empathy. Put yourself in your spouse’s shoes as often as possible.

This advice has been transformative for me. I have used this nugget of wisdom so many times since that night. It has helped my husband and I dissolve conflict, increase understanding, and improve our connection.

It seems so obvious, but I wonder why we don’t do this more often in life with all of our relationships. We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions (they’re always good, of course!), but we judge others by their actions.

Seeing the world from only our perspective leads to conflict, misunderstanding and broken relationships. If we’re going to have healthy relationships, we have to be willing to see the situation from the other person’s point of view.

And you can do that by empathizing. By putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Whether it’s your spouse, best friend, coworker or customer, empathizing will transform every relationship and every interaction you have.

1:21 Four Ways to Find More Customers

17:29 Attracting New Customers to Your Business with Reina Pomeroy

33:23 Encouragement That That Will Transform Every Relationship


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