May 15, 2018

Ep 47: Mom Entrepreneurs: Finding Success in Business and Motherhood

Show Notes


Today we’re celebrating mom entrepreneurs! Some call us mompreneurs, but basically, we’re talking about moms who run their own businesses.

What is a mom entrepreneur, or “mompreneur”?

A mompreneur is: “a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.” Well that’s the basic, glossed-over version, isn’t it?

As moms, we’re responsible for all kinds of things—all the time. There’s grocery shopping, laundry, doctor’s appointments, laundry, after school activities, laundry . . . it’s a full-time job (and a half). And adding a business into the mix makes it feel like we’re working several full-time jobs.

As a business owner, you’re the CEO—but you’re also the bookkeeper, chief marketing officer, receptionist, saleswoman, creative director and the janitor. It’s no wonder that being both a mom and an entrepreneur can feel a tad overwhelming at times.

Being Successful in Both Business and Motherhood

Back when I was a little girl with a front-row seat to watching my mom chasing her dream and running her business, they hadn’t coined a trendy catchphrase for what she was doing. And what she was doing was hard.

I remember arriving at the cake shop one dark morning at 3 a.m. to shattered glass everywhere. Mom’s shop had been broken into, and we were standing there in fear, wondering if the person who did it was still inside. I remember getting stuck with Mom in the rain with a flat tire and getting locked out of the house without any money.

All of this happened before the age of cell phones, by the way. And as a working mom myself, when I think back on all that, I don’t know how Mom did it. She didn’t have even half of the help that I have! She raised me and made a way for us—all while running a business.

So whether you’re a single mom like mine or just a tired mom, this episode is for you.

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Now, before you think I’m going to give you life hacks, methods, efficiencies, and ways to get more done, stop right there. That’s not what this episode is about. There are just two things I want you to remember when it comes to your journey in business and in motherhood:

  1. You cannot do it all.
  2. You are enough.

The women who do well in both business and in life know and practice these two things. In this episode, I’ll give you very practical examples from my own life about how I live this day to day. I’ll teach you how to master these mind-sets like a boss—a mom boss! After all, God gave you your family and your business—and He doesn’t make mistakes.

My Guest This Week Is My Mom: Entrepreneur Darlene Therber

You may already feel like you know my mom from all my stories about the bakery I was practically raised in, but today, it’s time for you to hear from her directly!

She’s the woman I have watched persevere with an absurd level of persistence. I’ve watched her do the right thing, even when it cost her. I’ve seen her go above and beyond for her customers time and time again. I’ve watched how she always paused and talked to homeless people—even in the middle of the night when we were downtown unloading bags of powdered sugar and flour.

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, it’s my honor to have her as our podcast guest this week. In this episode, Mom and I talk about:

  • How she came up with her business idea and actually made it happen
  • Unique ways she set herself apart from the competition (before anyone was teaching this stuff!)
  • How she convinced a candy store to give her the space in their front window to put her product on display
  • Life-balance and how to integrate the different areas of your life in a way that works for your family
  • Lessons she’s learned from over 30 years in business as a female entrepreneur

Mompreneurs Need Self-Care, Too

Like I said before, being both a mom and a business owner is hard work. And as a result, we tend to put ourselves last and everyone else first. After all, our customers and kids need us! But y’all, when we don’t take some time for ourselves, we wind up busy and burned out.

Self-care is more than a pedicure once a month. You need to be someone that you like. So in this episode, I’ll also give you some things to think about when it comes to how well you’re taking care of the most important part of your business: You. 

  • 1:21 Being a Mom and Running a Business
  • 17:23 Interview with Darlene Therber
  • 48:16 Encouragement: Self Care
  • 59:05 Homework

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