Mar 6, 2018

Ep 42: Building Business Relationships

Show Notes


There’s this idea out there that building relationships is just easy for some people. And sure, if you have a social personality and are naturally an extrovert, or if you love to talk and connect with people, then yes, maybe building relationships is easier for you. But your personality style doesn’t have to dictate your ability to build relationships! After all, everyone has a little bit of insecurity in them.

As you can probably guess, I’m a huge extrovert. But I still get a little nervous walking into a party or situation where I don’t know anyone. We all know what it’s like to feel like the new kid at school. So for those of us who have a super extroverted personality style, it doesn’t mean that we won’t ever struggle with building relationships.

And building relationships isn’t only vital in your life, but it’s also vital to your business. Everything you will ever achieve in your life will come through people—so becoming good at building relationships is one of the most important skills you can develop. In fact, if you don’t have key relationships, you won’t get anywhere.

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Why Are Business Relationships so Important?

Even if the only person that works in your business is you, you still don’t have to go it alone. Building strong business relationships will set you up for success in these areas:

  • Getting your products into stores
  • Collaborating with bloggers and influencers
  • Gaining referrals for new customers
  • Connecting your clients with supplemental vendors
  • Overcoming challenges when you get stuck

And who doesn’t need help with at least one of those things? So, in this episode, I’ll give you the five steps to making strong business connections.

My Guest This Week Is Emily Richett

Emily Richett

Emily is a publicist, consultant, and the founder of Richett Media. She is a former TV news reporter. While in that role, she covered over 6,000 inspiring stories about entrepreneurs, businesses and nonprofit organizations. So, she’s basically an expert on how to share the story of your business and get exposure. Sharing your story is one of the strongest ways you can build business relationships and get PR, and we’re going to learn so much from her! In this podcast, Emily and I talk about:

  • Why it’s easier than you think to get media coverage, especially as a small-business owner
  • How to think like a reporter and pitch your story as valuable to them, so that they actually want to help you get exposure and access to their audience
  • The best times of year to seek out local media coverage based on your type of business
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome when you’re competing with owners of bigger businesses
  • How to build amazing relationships with reporters and influencers so they have you back for repeat collaborations
  • Creative, outside-the-box ways to promote your business

From Building Relationships to Busting Business Loan Myths

I was reading a Forbes article the other day called “Best Small-Business Loans For Women in 2018,” and I was encouraged to see the latest stats on female-owned businesses. Basically, y’all are killing it. But the article goes on to talk about all the different ways you can get small-business financing. Now, you know I’m all about y’all growing your businesses. What I don’t want you to do is believe that taking out loans is the only way to do that. In fact, taking out a loan isn’t an indicator of success or growth—it’s a risk and a loss of power.

You can chase your dream and achieve success—and do it all debt-free!"

But I am here to tell you that you can chase your dream and achieve success—and do it all debt-free! In fact, I know and have personally seen countless women who’ve done just that. Just listen to my podcast interview with Melissa Hinnant, founder of Grace & Lace, who did $800,000 in sales her first year in business without borrowing a penny.

Or read my interview with Amber Jones, who started Minnie’s Travel Boutique after attending a Business Boutique event and grew the business, slow and steady, from a modest $900 to six figures. So in this episode, I’m going on a bit of Christy-rant to address this issue head-on!

Plus, I’ll answer a question from one of our live Business Boutique events.

  • 1:05 How to Build Relationships 
  • 16:38 Interview with Emily Richett
  • 39:42 Busting Business Loan Myths
  • 50:49 Homework

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