Feb 20, 2018

Ep 41: Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Show Notes


Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

People will take away one thing, and that’s if you make your point really clear."

Looking back on my earliest speaking events as part of Dave Ramsey’s speaking group, it makes me cringe to think about how I made one of the most common mistakes that all new speakers make.

I tried to say everything.

I would get onstage for a speaking event, thinking, Well, I’ve just got to tell them all the things. I need to talk about life balance, living from your values, making time for yourself, how to manage your money and get out of debt, and also how to be a good parent and achieve all your life goals and grow your business . . .

How effective do you think that strategy was? Not very, because I was trying to say five million different things! And people can’t process—let alone remember—five million things at once. People will take away one, maybe two things, if you make your point(s) really clear. But it took me several speaking engagements of not connecting with audiences to realize I needed to choose just one main thing I wanted to say.

And the same is true for your digital marketing.

Just like we talked about in episode 31 with Donald Miller, we need to be crystal clear with our audience so they know exactly what our brand is about. We need to let them know the one problem we’ll solve for them—one, not ten. (Or, like in my early stage presentations, not five million.) This same strategy applies to digital marketing—just as it does to any other kind of marketing.

“Okay, hold up!” (You might say.) You might be thinking that digital marketing sounds intimidating and complicated. You might be daunted by the term “digital marketing” if you don’t actually know what it is.

So What Is Digital Marketing?

It’s easier than you think! Digital marketing is simply marketing on a digital platform. Digital marketing includes:

  • Social Media
  • Blogs and articles
  • Email
  • Webinars

Okay, so now that you know what digital marketing is, let’s work on your digital marketing strategy.

In this episode, I’ll give you the four things you need to know in order to build a digital marketing strategy that works. Plus, I’ll break down other digital marketing concepts and make them easy to understand, including campaigns, funnels, lead magnets and building email lists.

My Guest This Week Is Molly Pittman

Molly Pittman

Molly is a digital marketing expert and educator, and she has an amazing story about building an incredible career specifically in digital marketing. As we dive deeper into this topic of digital marketing strategies, there’s no one better to have in on the conversation than Molly!

Early in her career, her job as an intern at DigitalMarketer was to create organic social media posts. As marketing and technology advanced so did her skillset, and she learned all about paid ads on Facebook and paid search on Google. She rose up through the ranks at DigitalMarketer to eventually become a VP, and recently branched out to start her own consulting agency.

In this podcast episode, Molly and I talk about:

  • The mistakes she sees business owners make when it comes to digital marketing and how to avoid them
  • How to get new customers into your marketing funnel using lead magnets
  • The attributes your lead magnet should have to be seen as highly valuable and get lots of people to sign up
  • Ways to keep your audience and email list engaged without overwhelming them

Plus, I’ll give you a pep talk on where you’re standing with your goals at the moment and answer your questions from our live Business Boutique events.

  • 1:03 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work
  • 10:44 Interview with Molly Pittman
  • 42:37 Goals Check-In
  • 54:47 Homework

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