Sep 20, 2016

Ep 4: How to Make Money Doing What You Love

Show Notes


Most business fail because they can’t pay their bills. So in this episode, I’ll cover the three biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to managing money, and how you can avoid those pitfalls.

And I’m so excited for you to get a pep talk from my friend and leader—nationally syndicated radio host and #1 best-selling author, Dave Ramsey. He will answer a variety of questions specific to small and side businesses, like how to start out with what you’ve got, what profit really means, when to make your first hire, and more.

We’ll also hear from Megan Huffman, owner of Rising Sun Learning Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Megan took a failing childcare center and completely turned it around. What started as little changes made a huge impact, and now she runs the successful business debt-free.

  • 0:55    Managing the Money in Your Business (Pricing)
  • 12:23  Interview with Dave Ramsey
  • 37:49  BB Success Story with Megan Huffman
  • 47:26  Homework


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