Jan 23, 2018

Ep 39: Five Lies You Believe About Business

Show Notes


Which Lies Are Holding You Back?

Many of you are being held back by something you aren’t even aware of: You’re believing lies about yourselves and about your businesses.

See, when you believe something that isn’t true, you’re living our life based on misinformation. You’re missing out on something that could change your life, that could make you happy or even make you a better person and open up opportunities you couldn’t even imagine.

Recently a woman came up to me at a speaking event and told me she’d been hearing me for about a year on The Dave Ramsey Show. But every time she heard me, she thought, “Well, that’s nice. But it’s not for me. I could never start my own business.”

Eight months later, guess what she’s doing? She’s running her own business!

I love her story because it’s a great example of how we all believe lies we think are true. And if you don’t hear the truth, you’re going to continue to live in those lies and you’ll never be free to win. So in this episode, I’ll talk about five common lies that I see women believing about business.

My Guest is Annie F. Downs

My guest this week is my dear friend, best-selling author and speaker, Annie F. Downs. Annie is no stranger to anyone who’s attended a Business Boutique event, because she’s our amazing and hilarious host.

But I can’t wait for you to get to know her journey on a more personal level. In this episode, she’ll share:

  • Why she decided to pursue bravery in her day-to-day life
  • How to create a habit of courage
  • What can happen when you stop believing lies in your life and start pursuing acts of bravery

Success Story: Melanie Gaye and Her Nerdy Skirts

Our success story this week is Melanie Gaye, owner of Pretty Smart Kids. She makes beautiful, custom nerdy skirts for girls! Melanie is actually a former engineer-turned-entrepreneur, and her business idea came about as the solution to a problem she found in the marketplace.

If your little girl is more interested in science and dinosaurs than she is polka dots and dolls, you pretty much have to shop in the little boys’ department. So, she cut back to working part time at her day job to pursue making skirts for those girls as a side-business! You’ll love hearing about the “Why” behind her business, and you’ll be encouraged by what her life looks like since pursuing something she’s truly passionate about.

Plus, I’ll answer some of your burning business questions from our Business Boutique event in November.

  • 1:14 Five Lies You Believe About Business
  • 20:34 Interview with Annie F. Downs
  • 48:45 BB Success Story with Melanie Gaye
  • 70:03 Homework

If you have a success story you would like to share with the Business Boutique community, email me at podcast@businessboutique.com.