Nov 14, 2017

Ep 34: Excuses That Steal Your Time

Show Notes


Time management and life balance are a struggle for—I’m just guessing—every adult on the planet. Amen? So in this episode, we’re going to go beyond surface-level issues like how to time block your schedule. Instead, we’ll dig deeper and I’ll teach you how to overcome the underlying issue: Making excuses. I’ll share the top five excuses I hear that steal your time, and how to kick them to the curb. When you can overcome these excuses, you make room for actual life change!

My guest this week is author and speaker Laura Vanderkam. She’s done extensive research on exactly how people spend their time, and she’ll share her time management secrets with us!

Plus, I’ll answer your business questions from Business Boutique events!

  • 1:13 Five Excuses That Steal Your Time
  • 21:58 Interview with Laura Vanderkam
  • 54:59 Back to Basics: Your Why
  • 67:35 Homework

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