Oct 17, 2017

Ep 32: Creating an Amazing Brand Experience

Show Notes


Your brand is made up of look, tone and feel. We covered the look and tone in episode 31, so in this episode, we’ll talk about the tone, so that your brand—and, as a result, your business—feels like you. Plus I’ll teach you how to show your customers that you care through your policies, messaging and brand experience.

My guest this week is branding expert, psychologist and author Joseph Michelli. Joseph has written several books, including The Starbucks Experience, and has helped companies like Zappos, Mercedes Benz and Starbucks develop their brands. He’ll give you practical ways to give your customers an above-and-beyond experience and reveal two big mistakes to avoid when presenting your brand.

And I’ll give you simple, quick tips to make the most of the upcoming holiday season!

Plus, I’ll answer your business questions from Business Boutique events.

  • 1:02  The Feel and Experience of Your Branding
  • 21:00 Interview with Joseph Michelli
  • 46:59 Preparing Your Life for Christmas
  • 59:13 Homework


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