Sep 5, 2016

Ep 3: How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Making Money

Show Notes


In this episode, I’ll talk about why some women struggle with the selling component of business. My dear friend, best-selling author Rabi Lapin, will stop by to show us the truth about the goodness of making money so that we can stop sabotaging our own profits.

We’ll also hear from photographer Alicia Jevahirjian, founder of Beba Photography. Alicia wanted to take her dream full-time but was afraid to raise her prices. She’ll talk us through her transition and why her customers followed her every step of the way.

  • 0:58    The Goodness of Business and Making Money
  • 12:21  Interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  • 31:03  BB Success Story with Alicia Jevahirjian
  • 40:35  Homework


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