Sep 5, 2017

Ep 29: Creating Passive Income

Show Notes


In this episode, I’ll give you four ways to make more money without adding on to your workload.  One way to do that is by creating passive income, which is exactly what my guest this week, Pat Flynn, will teach us about. Pat is a best-selling author and owns several wildly successful online businesses. Today he’ll tell us about how he wound up creating his first digital product years ago, and where it’s taken him.

And the success story this week is Heather Salopek. Heather owns Legacy Pecans, which sells delicious pecans and pecan products for retail and corporate gifts. The “Why” behind her business is remarkable, and I love how she got creative and took her family business to the next level.

Plus, I’ll answer your business questions from Business Boutique events!

  • 1:10 Creating Passive Income
  • 7:50 Interview with Pat Flynn
  • 44:56 BB Success Story with Heather Salopek
  • 64:08 Homework

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