Jul 11, 2017

Ep 25: The Basics of Being a Great Communicator

Show Notes


Your ideas are only as strong as you’re able to communicate them. The skills you need as a professional public speaker are the same skills you need to communicate any ideas, and we are all in the business of communicating ideas! So in this episode, I’ll teach you my approach to public speaking and how to become great communicator.

My guest this week is a speaker and podcast host—the hilarious and inspiring Ken Davis. He’ll talk about how to communicate effectively, compassionately, and in a way that will cause your audience to take action.

Our success story is Jenny Melrose, founder of the lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family. The income she made from her blog ended up surpassing her full-time income as a teacher! Today, she’s taken what she learned from blogging and sharing her secrets and strategies with other entrepreneurs—and making almost six figures!

Plus, I’ll answer your top business questions!

  • 1:08 The Basics of Being a Great Communicator
  • 18:13 Interview with Ken Davis
  • 39:06 BB Success Story with Jenny Melrose
  • 51:51 Homework


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