Jun 27, 2017

Ep 24: Money Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Business

Show Notes


When it comes to making money doing what you love, there are pitfalls that can really get you into trouble! So in this episode, I’ll talk about four money pitfalls you should avoid.

My guest this week is #1 New York Times best-selling author, and one of my best friends, Rachel Cruze. We’ll have some girl talk about how we balance work and family, and different ways we set financial goals and save money.

Our success story this week features Carol Low, the owner of Creative Windows by Carol. She was resourceful and started her business in the backroom of a fabric store, and now, nearly 25 years later she’s a successful business owner and employs her family! She’ll share some mistakes she’s made over the years and how she came back from them.

And I’ll answer your top business questions!

  • 1:07 Money Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Business
  • 11:22 Interview with Rachel Cruze
  • 40:43 BB Success Story with Carol Low
  • 56:09 Homework

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