Jun 13, 2017

Ep 23: Women and Business

Show Notes


Here’s something that won’t come as a surprise to anyone: men and women are different. That means we approach business differently, too! We have unique strengths and also unique challenges. So in this episode, I’ll unpack tips on how you can pursue your passions and be successful.

Plus, my guest this week is financial journalist, author and speaker Jean Chatzky. She’ll walk us through her journey to finding success, from self-proclaimed high school math geek to magazine writer to unexpectedly starting her own company. She’ll weigh in on our unique challenges as women in business.

Our success story this week features April Perry, a mom who wanted to generate income while staying home with her kids. She found her business idea in a surprising way, and she’ll share that with us.

And I’ll answer your top business questions!

  • 1:08 Women and Business
  • 18:47 Interview with Jean Chatzky
  • 44:41 BB Success Story with April Perry
  • 66:25 Homework

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