Apr 18, 2017

Ep 19: Dream Bigger for Your Business

Show Notes


In this episode, I’ll pull out my old journals to see how different my dreams have grown over the years. The truth is that I’m living out dreams right now that never even occurred to me back then. I wasn’t imagining, hoping, or praying big enough! And friends, regardless of your industry, dream, or business, I bet the same is true for you.

I hope this podcast will be an encouragement to you to be faithful in your small beginnings so that you’ll be prepared when the big things come along. My guest this week is Jessica Principe, the owner of All Girl Shave Club. Her business is a subscription shaving service that provides high quality razors and specialty shaving and body products. She’ll talk about how she found her idea, and how she incorporates products from other women-owned businesses!

And I’ll answer questions from Business Boutique event attendees!

  • 1:23 Dream Bigger for Your Business
  • 9:53 Interview with Jessica Principie
  • 52:42 Homework

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