Apr 4, 2017

Ep 18: Qualities You Need to Win in Business

Show Notes


There are some great qualities and traits I see so many women have, but for one reason or another, they dismiss them. But to succeed in business, all you have to do is take the qualities you’re already using in other areas of your life and apply them to your business! So in this episode, I’ve got real life examples and practical ways to do that.

My guest this week is Robin Shliakhau, the owner of Simplify and Pursue. She’ll tell us about how her passion for decluttering her own house led to a booming business—complete with consultation services, speaking engagements, and a blog—she now loves. Robin actually grew her Facebook likes from 600 to 9,000 in just one year! She’ll share her social media strategy with us, too.

And I’ll answer questions from Irvine, California Business Boutique event attendees!

  • 1:10 Five Qualities You Need to Win in Business
  • 19:47 Interview with Robin Shliakhau
  • 49:45 Homework

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