Mar 21, 2017

Ep 17: Excuses Stopping You From Using Your Gifts

Show Notes


In the last episode, we talked about recognizing the unique gifts that God has given us. And we don’t do anyone any favors by downplaying or dismissing those gifts! So in this episode, I’ll address the excuses we use to not step into them, and the damage we do by failing to use them.

My guest this week is my friend Amanda Wilcox Patterson, who is a worship leader in Nashville. She’ll share her thoughts on embracing our unique gifts, and how to use them in worshipping God.

Plus, we’ll hear from Kelly Buchtien, owner of The Simply Organized Teacher. Kelly attended one of our Business Boutique events, and for her and her dream, it was a turning point. She’ll talk about how she’s using her gift of organization to build her business, one customer at a time.

And I’ll answer your business questions!

  • 1:10 Excuses Stopping You From Using Your Gifts
  • 22:17 Interview with Amanda Wilcox Patterson
  • 45:40 BB Success Story with Kelly Buchtien
  • 55:50 Homework

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