Mar 7, 2017

Ep 16: Recognizing Your Gifts

Show Notes


You have been created with unique and special gifts specifically for you. But sometimes it’s hard to recognize those gifts. That’s why I want to spend this podcast episode teaching you how to recognize your unique gifts! So I’ll talk about the difference between gifts, passions and strengths, and how to identify the unlikely things that may actually be gifts in your life.

My friend and Business Boutique event host Annie F. Downs will share how she realized her unique gifts of entertaining, speaking, and writing—and how she uses them today.

Plus, we’ll hear from Karmen Smith, owner of Pray Big—a company that makes prayer journals. Karmen’s business came out of a very trying time for her, and she’ll share her inspiring story of how her gifts intersected with her desire to help people in their walk with God.

And I’ll answer your biggest business questions!

  • 1:14 Recognizing Your Gifts
  • 19:10 Interview with Annie F. Downs
  • 48:42 BB Success Story with Karmen Smith
  • 60:54 Homework

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