Feb 7, 2017

Ep 14: Understanding Your Core Values

Show Notes


Core values are like your compass, and they influence your decisions whether you realize it or not. In this episode, I want to make you aware of what those values are so that you can make decisions in your business that are best for you. I’ll share examples of my core values with you and help you identify your own.

My friend, seven-time Grammy Award winner, Hillary Scott is my guest for this episode. She’ll talk about her core values and how they’ve kept her grounded throughout her many successes and even her failures.

Plus, I’ll talk to woman who has truly build her business around her passions and values: Annie Moss. Annie owns a jewelry company called The Vintage Sparrow in Nashville, TN. Her business started as a way to raise money for a mission trip and grew so big that she was able to leave her day job to do her business full-time!

  • 1:17 - How Your Personal Values Inform Your Business
  • 13:35 - Interview with Hillary Scott
  • 32:33 - BB Success Story with Annie Moss
  • 44:44 - Homework


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