Jan 24, 2017

Ep 13: How to Write and Reach Your Goals

Show Notes


The key to real life change is setting goals. In this episode, I’ll talk about how to set strong goals that you can actually achieve. I’ll tell you the three attributes that all of your goals should have, and give you my top tips to keep yourself motivated so that you’ll look back one day and be proud of yourself.

My guest this week is my good friend, Kelly Hancock. She founded the money-saving blog, FaithfulProvisions.com. Kelly’s friends kept pestering her to start a blog to share her thrifty tricks and coupons, so she reluctantly began writing in 2008. She was able to grow an audience and an income generated by the blog! Kelly will share with us how she did it, and why she ultimately decided to walk away from it.

Plus, I’ll answer business questions that you’ve submitted!

  • 2:39 Deep Dive on Goals
  • 24:30 Interview with Kelly Hancock
  • 55:04 Homework

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