Nov 6, 2018

Bonus Ep: Live from Business Boutique Nashville 2018!

Show Notes


This episode is just like having coffee with some of Business Boutique’s best friends! Get to know host of the Marketing Your Business podcast, Stu McLeran; creator of The Magic Brush and host of The Jennifer Allwood Show, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of EVEREVE, Megan Tamte;  Founder & CEO of Simplified, Emily Ley; and speaker and author of Remember God, Annie F. Downs.

They’ll answer your questions, and more!

5:18 What is the best strategy for social media marketing?

7:34 How do I get social media followers to convert into sales?

12:36 How do I get people excited enough about my product to buy?

20:48 What are some of the challenges to watch for and common mistakes people make in the growth process?

24:17 How do I stop feeling guilty charging for my services, and even more importantly, help my staff feel more comfortable talking about money with clients?


This podcast was recorded during our Business Boutique 2018 VIP Lunch in Nashville, TN.

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