Nov 7, 2017

Bonus Ep: Live from Business Boutique Nashville 2017!

Show Notes


This episode is just like having coffee with some of Business Boutique’s best friends! Get to know the creator of The Monetized Life, Nicole Walters; host of the Smart Passive Income podcast, Pat Flynn; vice president of DigitalMarketer, Molly Pittman; and speaker and author of 100 Days to Brave, Annie F. Downs.

They’ll answer your most burning questions, and more!

  • 2:36 What does work/life balance look like?
  • 10:59 What tools do you use to keep your schedule, your business and your life on track?
  • 19:30 What do you do when business is slow?
  • 35:13 What are some effective ways to turn work “off” when working from home?
  • 37:10 What are some ways to stay focused?

This podcast was recorded during our Business Boutique 2017 VIP Lunch in Nashville, TN.

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