What’s Your Greatest Hits List?

I remember asking my mom to buy me Garth Brooks’ first greatest hits album in middle school. I listened to it on repeat no less than 1,000 times, singing every word out of tune at the top of my lungs over and over.

This was before digital music. You could only buy CDs, which meant you had to buy every single song on the album whether you liked it or not. What I love about the greatest hits albums of my childhood is that they pulled together songs that were only the best of the best.

We can do that pretty easily with music now by picking and choosing which songs we want in our iTunes library. But what if we applied that same idea to our time? What if instead of accepting every invitation and opportunity available this Christmas season, we made a list of only the best of the best? It could be a Christmas Greatest Hits List of sorts.

Instead of saying yes to every party, potluck and present exchange, ask your family what their favorite memories of past Christmases are. Have each member of your family make a list of up to three things that were their favorite parts of Christmas. Then combine everyone’s list, make a Family Christmas Greatest Hits List, and do only those things this holiday season.

I bet you’ll be surprised at what your family loves and remembers the most. It’s probably not the most expensive gift. I doubt it’s the Christmas you drove 1,000 miles trying to see every distant family member so that no one felt left out. I bet it will be the simple things, the sweet things, the silly things and the special things.

So this Christmas, instead of trying to cram 20 new traditions, parties and plans into your already crazy calendar, just make a list of the best of the best and do those things. Then when you look back on this holiday season, maybe it will be like my Garth Brooks greatest hits album—a Christmas season you’ll want to repeat 1,000 more times.