What Fills You Up

Before I went out on maternity leave, I was having days where I was just running on fumes. I’m sure you’ve had those moments. For me, those last few months were a crazy season of preparation—preparing work things to continue in my absence and home things for a new baby!

When we have a lot going on, it’s easy to get drained. For example, most of the work that I do involves pouring into things. I pour into my blog and book, into my talks on stage and into people directly through coaching. With two kids under two, I also pour into my family at home.

I’m sure you have areas in your life that you tirelessly pour yourself into as well. I’ve noticed in my own life that when I’m running on empty, not only do I feel the strain myself, but I don’t have as much to offer those who are important to me. I run out of ideas to write, out of energy for speaking, and out of patience at home.

I was feeling this way and told my husband, “I know what I need. I just need to be filled up. I’m pouring out and not refilling myself and it’s showing.” I realized that I also hadn’t been to church in a few weeks. I had been on the road for work, and even when I got back, I cherished those Sunday mornings to sleep in. But church is one of the many ways that I not only connect with God, but also get filled up in order to be the person He created me to be.

So we went back to church and I became completely re-energized! It wasn’t even necessarily what the pastor’s message was about directly, but I knew I was right where I was supposed to be because I was suddenly inspired. I was filled with new ideas for blogs, my book, my marriage, and more! As you can see, there was barely enough space on the bulletin for all of it . . .


What fills you up


I love how that happens. I wake up early and drag myself into church feeling empty, and I always leave the service feeling re-energized. God is awesome like that and gives us exactly what we need.

I know that some of you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and just plain tired right now. I want to encourage you, friends, to be intentional about carving out time in your busy week to stop your world and do something that fills you up. We spend so much time pouring into others. But remember: You can’t offer something you don’t have. You can’t give to others, do your job, or be the best mom or wife or friend if you’re running on empty.

For me, it was getting back to church. For you, it might be going for a walk, calling your mom, reading a book, or picnicking with your spouse. What fills you up? What first popped into your head when you read that question? Do yourself a favor and go do that this week.