Take Time to Play

My husband has everyone fooled.

He’s the quiet type—always happy to serve and help from the sidelines. He doesn’t need attention and has no interest in showing off. And nothing shakes him or gets him worked up in any way.

The irony is that he married me. I know.

But behind Matt’s sweet-as-can-be demeanor is an insanely mischievous and sneaky man.

I frequently post his shenanigans on my Instagram account so others can see what a prankster I live with. He’s constantly up to something. And because he’s so steady and calm, I never see it coming!

As soon as I take a bowl out of the cabinet for my morning cereal, Matt finds a way to hide it in the few seconds it takes me to grab the milk. Or when I’m driving, he occasionally puts the car in neutral when we’re stopped at a red light. Then I’m sitting there, revving the engine and going nowhere when the light turns green.

Of course, he’s always so pleased with himself for getting me all worked up. And while I pretend to be annoyed, I have to admit that deep down I really love it.

He goes out of his way to play with me, joke with me and flirt with me. I don’t have to worry about life getting boring because he makes our life together fun.

All of that silly effort communicates love.

When you take time to play, it’s not only fun for you but it’s also a gift to the other person. Playfulness creates laughter in your relationships, lightness to your love, and memories you’ll never forget.

And playing doesn’t have to mean pulling pranks. Maybe you take your kids on a scavenger hunt around the park or surprise your spouse with a silly gift.

There’s no right or wrong way to play. And it’s not hard to do it. But the truth is most of us don’t take the time to make it happen.

Our children live life through the lens of playfulness. But most of us grown-ups are so busy with important adult responsibilities that we never get around to playing anymore. But we can and we should.

So this week, rather than trying to squeeze in one more errand into your busy schedule, find a way to take time to play. It may end up being one of the best parts of your week.

Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through and realize he has high-jacked my Pinterest account just for kicks. 


Or my Instgram account. 


When I asked him to text me a picture of Jackson for something I needed, he sent this.


Or I’ll open my iPad to find that he’s changed the background image to this.


After a lunch date to Chipotle, I came back to my desk to put my glasses away and found this. 


And when I asked him to contribute to our grocery list another time, I got this. 


When we moved and he was in charge of labeling boxes, I discovered this.


When I opened my suitcase on my last work trip, I found this. 


And last Christmas when I got a few surprise gifts from “Jackson,” I received this.