Stop Selling and Start Sharing

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my side-business coaching clients is that they don’t like selling.

When I ask them about their marketing and sales efforts, they get all squirmy and say things like, “I’m not a pushy person,” “I don’t want people to feel pressured,” or “I’m not the business type.”

But when I change the question and ask them why they love their businesses, they enthusiastically share their stories.

One woman said she’s always loved music. When she teaches music lessons to young children, she feels like she is engaging part of her heart and helping others.

Another client told me about the joy she feels when she sees newlyweds and young families proudly posting the photographs she took capturing their important milestones.

And a stay-at-home mom explained how her home-based graphic design business allows her to continue to use her professional skills to produce something she’s really proud of for her customers.

As I listened to these side-business owners talk about their talents and gifts, I wanted to buy their products right then and there. And I was just supposed to be coaching!

A sale doesn’t have to be pushy. In fact, some of the best sales happen when you don’t “sell” your business at all.

Just tell your story and share your heart. The sale will naturally follow.