New Year, Old You

For Christmas this year, my husband Matt took me out for a day of fun activities that he planned. While our son spent quality time with my mother in law, Matt and I had an amazing day filled with going to our favorite old spots and doing things we used to love to do when we dated.

The theme, he said at the beginning of our fun child-free day, was “New Year, Old Us.” He explained that when we became parents, our world became consumed with our infant son, which of course is natural, normal, healthy and good. But in navigating this new territory of parenthood, it’s easy to let go of, forget about, or get too busy for so many of the wonderful things that used to make us us.

What’s so great about that theme is that it drew out things buried deep within us that we loved. We used to love killing time at coffee shops. We used to love wandering aimlessly downtown going in and out of shops with no timeline or agenda. We used to love getting dressed up and going out for a nice date downtown.

Those things may not happen as often now and that’s okay. Our son certainly brings more joy and a different type of fun than we could have ever imagined. But just because we have a child, doesn’t mean we have to let go of those things we loved before entirely. The key to having a wonderful Christmas with my husband this year wasn’t so much in doing something new as it was in remembering something old.

And I wonder if the same is true for you. This year as you set goals and make resolutions for 2016, I want to encourage you to think about things that you “used to love” that may have just gotten lost over time as kids-career-responsibility-LIFE has gotten in the way of it. Instead of going along with all of the “New Year, New You!” slogans you see everywhere, try something different. Maybe instead, the best 2016 could be a year of “New Year, Old You!”