DIY Canvas Map: Part 2

Thank you all for your comments and questions on the canvas map I made! I had no idea how it would spread like wildfire on Pinterest but now that it has, I want to clarify a few of the instructions and answer many of the questions I got. I hope this helps!


How To Make a Canvas Map


  • Buy several canvases from your local craft store. I chose 3 – two, 12 x 24″ and one 18 x 24″. This way, their height would be the same with two different widths. The depth of them was 1/2″ which gives it a cool 3-D feel but it does cut off more of the map when you wrap it. If you want to see more of the countries without gaps between them, use a thinner canvas. I also recommend using three 12 x 24″ canvases to have more room, especially if you want a thick canvas. I cut mine too close to the map size and it was tough to wrap it without much extra to work with.
  • Buy a world map. I bought mine at the Barnes and Noble near my work but I’ve had a ton of comments that people couldn’t find it online or in the store. I searched and found the exact one for slightly more. I paid $7.99 at B&N but they have it listed here for $19.95. If you can find it somewhere cheaper, the map is “Rand McNally Classic Series World Wall Map” so just search for that.
  • The size of the map I got was 32 x 50 which gave me slightly enough room to cut off the ugly border and still cover all 3 canvases. However, I messed up on my first one and I had to get a 2nd map to make it work. That’s why there’s no gap in Argentina but there is in Russia.  Make sure your map width is greater than the sum of all canvas widths and depths combined.
  • Buy spray adhesive and sewing pins.

Step 1: Lay the map over the 3 canvases and cut it into 3 pieces. You may also want to cut off the ugly border if you so choose.

Step 2: Spray the canvas with spray adhesive and smooth the map over it evenly. Wrap the sides like a present, using spray adhesive to seal them. *I used Mod Podge in my project and I don’t recommend it. It made the map bubble and warp from the liquid. I used spray adhesive on a recent project and it works way better with no warping or bleeding through.

Step 3: Let dry and hang on the wall with about 2″ of space in between each piece. Use the sewing pins to mark where you and your family have traveled.

Bon Voyage!