How to Know That Things Are Okay

My son does the most amazing thing.

Granted, I know that all babies do this, so that may make it seem a little less amazing to some people. But not to me, because of course, he’s mine.

He’s done this for a long time, but I’ve noticed it more recently as he’s become much more aware of sounds, facial expressions and his surroundings. When something is happening around him that is new, different, loud or frightening, he looks at me.

Anytime he gets scared, he looks at me. 

When the mailman rings the doorbell and my dog goes ballistic, Carter gets scared and looks at me.

When a storm is rolling through and the lightning cracks and the thunder shakes all around us, he gets scared and looks at me.

When I drop a coffee cup and it lands on the kitchen floor with a startling thud, he gets scared looks at me.

Anytime something scares him, my son looks at me. When he looks at me, his eyes search my face for the answer to his question: “Is everything okay?”

“Is everything okay, Mom? Are we safe, Mom? Am I going to be alright, Mom? Have you got this under control, Mom?”

And the moment we lock eyes and I smile and assure him in a sweet, confident and happy tone that everything is going to be okay, all of his fears are swept away. His question is answered: I’ve got this—and most of all, I’ve got him.

This happened recently: The garbage truck made a loud banging noise outside, which then set my dog into a frenzy. Carter looked at me for assurance once again. As I picked him up and comforted him with my words, smile and embrace, I felt God say to me, “That’s how you know that things are okay, Christy. You don’t look at the scary things around you. You look at Me.”

I’m amazed every day at how much I learn about God by being Carter’s mom, but I knew this one was for more than just me.

It’s for all of us.

When the rug seems to be pulled out beneath you, when you feel like you’re hanging on by a thread, when you’re scared with fear cornering you from every angle—don’t look at the scary things around you. Instead, look at the face of the One who will smile and comfort you, the One who will pick you up, embrace you and remind you that it’s going to be okay, because He’s got this, and most of all, He’s got you.