How Kelly Turned Something She Always Loved Into A Side-Business

Kelly Buchtien has been a teacher for five years and runs a business called The Simply Organized Teacher on the side. Kelly describes her business as helping teachers keep their classrooms organized and manageable, “so they can run them smoothly, and the kids feel comfortable in them.”



Her approach to organizing a classroom really is amazing. On her website, she has pages and pages of ideas for creating math stations, classroom makeovers, lesson plans and more. Just scrolling through, I can sense how passionate she is about all of this—it is very clearly something God has gifted her with! And her story begins the way it does for so many women I talk to—with something she has always loved.

“I’ve always been really organized,” says Kelly. “My youngest memories involve me playing school in my ‘classroom’ with my stuffed animal students. Now, people compliment me on my real classroom all the time, and organizing that is something I’ve always loved.”

But like so many of us, Kelly struggled with the voice of fear whispering in her ear. She admits, “My dream was to be a professional classroom organizer, but there was this voice in the back of my mind saying, Nobody’s going to pay for that. So I just kind of pushed it off.”

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Then, in 2016, Kelly attended our Business Boutique event in Fort Worth, Texas. She says she left Business Boutique feeling spiritually empowered. “Yes, I got a lot of practical information, like how to make a business plan and how to use social media for my business. But more than anything, I left thinking, I can make this dream I have happen.

Once Kelly got past her fear and began doing what she was passionate about, everything clicked! She posted on Facebook asking other teachers if they needed help getting their classrooms ready for this school year. That’s how Kelly got her first paying customer!

Then she set some goals for herself. “My first goal was to have a fully functional website and start a blog. I did that. So my next goal is to start a podcast where I have very conversational interviews with teachers.”

Kelly continues to stay plugged into Business Boutique and is learning new things every day. “Now I’m learning the steps I need to take to make my big dreams happen, and better ways to sell myself and my services.” She even offers freebies on her website, like “15 Steps to Classroom Organization” to grow her email list. Her biggest goal is to eventually work full-time as a classroom organizer, and I have no doubt she’ll reach it.

I know it can be scary to put yourself out there and try something new. So if you’re like Kelly and just need to overcome fear to pursue a dream on your heart, I want you to join our Business Boutique movement! You can get the motivation and the plan you need by ordering my book, Business Boutique: A Woman’s Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves.

Kelly is making her dream happen, and you can too. It’s time for you to make money doing what you love!