How Annie Took Her Side-Business Full Time!

Annie Moss is the owner and founder of The Vintage Sparrow in Nashville, Tennessee. She says her business exists to empower women to live courageous lives through jewelry gifts, and looking at her collection, I totally see that! Her jewelry is truly beautiful and was actually born out of Annie’s passion to help others.


In 2012, Annie was a full-time hair dresser and needed to raise extra money for a mission trip to Africa. Weaving her cause together with her talents, she began making African-inspired friendship bracelets. She ended up raising $9,000, which was enough to not only go on the trip, but also to build a church there!

“It wasn’t something I saw as a business,” Annie says, “But people kept wanting my pieces. So after two years, we started a website, and it really took off. The Lord opened some crazy awesome doors for us! We got a wholesale order of 1,000 pieces of jewelry. At the time, I didn’t even know what a wholesale line sheet was. I had to Google it! But after that, we knew, God’s on this.

Since then, she says one of the most pivotal moments was being able to leave her full-time job. Before The Vintage Sparrow, she wasn’t able to see herself as, in her words, “more than a hairdresser.” But after a couple years of seeing the demand for her jewelry and the business grow, her husband gave her a nudge.

“I’ll never forget when he came to me one night and said, ‘I really think you need to pursue this full-time.’ I just bawled. I was crying because I had wanted that so badly.”

But the success they were seeing didn’t mean making the leap to full-time would be an easy walk in the park. Annie kicked it into high gear for a very busy season!

“I would love to say after that it was effortless, but that’s not true. There were many nights I was up late fulfilling orders, cold-calling, and just walking into boutiques with my business cards.”

But it was worth it. Annie’s jewelry is now in ten boutiques in Nashville and one in Missouri! She says, “We’re two and a half years in, and I’m just taking it step by step. I was a hairdresser for twelve years. So that creative side was in me, but not the business side. I’ve learned how to pull people in who have the gifts that I didn’t have.”

Now, Annie is setting goals based on what she learned at one of our Business Boutique events! “We want to continue to stretch into boutiques nationally. We also want to partner with Christian ministries. I have a heart to make a difference, and my long-term goal is to employ young girls and women.”

Annie’s business is a perfect complement to her strengths and passions, but when I ask what the biggest obstacle is, her answer is one I hear again and again: “Overcoming fear. Getting past myself is still my biggest obstacle. Many times I don’t feel adequate, because I don’t have the business background. But if God opens a door I’m going to walk through it.”

I love hearing stories like Annie’s and I’m so proud of her hard work and perseverance. She really is embracing the passion God has given her and I love that!

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