Happy Administrative Professional’s Day!

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking of all of the things that I wanted to write in this blog celebrating Administrative Professionals. I wanted to express my appreciation for the people that work so hard behind the scenes, out of the spotlight, without the fame that make my job possible and my life easier.

  • They book my travel – hotels, rental cars, confirmations, petty cash, itineraries, sound checks and on and on and on.
  • They take care of my expense reports, excel spreadsheets and accounting.
  • They set up calls for me with speaking and coaching clients, book media, and reserve rooms.
  • They order food for meetings, have our supplies ready and take notes so that we can all remember what was said.
  • They prepare everything ahead of time and clean up everything afterwards.
  • They anticipate our needs and meet them even before we even know we have them.

I truly could not do what I do without them. The word that just kept coming to mind for me on the car ride though, was the word “details.”

I know we use that often when we talk about administration but I genuinely do have such an incredible amount of respect for people that notice them, attend to them and even more than that – enjoy them!

Just yesterday I gave an example where I overlooked a minor detail that almost got me into a very awkward situation but this problem has plagued me my entire life.

  • I have sent products to production with the wrong bar-code which cost our company a lot of money for my mistake…
  • My eyes glaze over when my husband shows me building drawings that he’s working on…
  • I get very overwhelmed and uncomfortable at instruction manuals of any kind…

Details really just aren’t my thing.

::: Excuse me one moment, Mike just brought me a card to sign for Megan, the Administrative Assistant for our Personalities team:::

Fantastic! The celebration continues!

I wrote her a very enthusiastic note letting her know just how great I think she is!

My note

Anyway, I really am very impressed with how they notice things that I would just never notice.

So I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to all of the people that work so hard to help me every day: Dawn, Liz, Megan, Cheryl, Myra, Gretchen and so many others. Happy Administrativ….

:::Mike’s back at my desk:::

:::He looks concerned. It’s the same face that my husband gives me regularly:::

:::This is never good:::


It appears that the card I signed was not for Administrative Professionals Day but instead a sympathy card for Megan’s grandmother passing away this week.

photo 2

And if you notice the other notes, which I didn’t, then you would probably see that something is a little off.

photo 1

Well, Bless My Heart.

Happy Administrative Professional’s Day, guys. Thank God for them.