I Can’t Believe This Is My Reality

What I love most about my job is when I get to hear the stories of life changes that happen because of my business. I’m sure the same is true for you and your business. Erika Butler shared her story with our team recently and, y’all, it’s just so beautiful I had to share it. Her story, like so many of yours, is the reason I get out of bed every morning and work my butt off. I know you’re made for more. I know God has big plans for you that don’t involve work that you hate or a worn-out family life. Just like Erika, your dreams can become a reality, too. I hope her story inspires you as much as it inspires me. – Christy Wright

I remember being on my knees on the floor of my living room in early fall of 2018. I was praying hard to God for guidance. There were many red flags that told me I was headed on a destructive path, and I was hurting myself and others. I had felt burned out for a long time, and my husband and I were struggling to agree on the best path forward.

It is difficult to admit this, but I lost who I was for a season. Even though deep down I knew how much God loved me, I started hating who I was.

I was experiencing anxiety attacks so bad that one morning, I couldn’t even get out of bed because I was in such pain. My husband spent an hour helping me stand up. It sounds so ridiculous even typing it now, but it happened.

God created me as a driven person. Since a young age, I have loved seeing results and making a positive impact. From being selected as the student of the year in kindergarten to finishing first in my class in my undergraduate and graduate studies at Penn State. I even held several leadership roles in between. I thrived on always giving my best and, more importantly, helping others to do the same.

Going from that life of impact, leadership and achievement to adjusting to being a mom of two while working at the most intense job I ever had made me feel like a complete failure for about a year of my life.

And that was extremely challenging for me. Add on a few other life stressors, and I was pretty much a walking disaster and a mess inside. Still, I tried to put a smile on my face as I did my best to take care of all my commitments and responsibilities. But this negatively impacted me spiritually, emotionally and physically in a major way. I believe it also really hurt my witness and impact for the kingdom of Christ.

Fast forward. I had some dear friends from church (who happen to be successful Chick-fil-A business owners) pour real encouragement into me. They told me I needed to go to the Business Boutique event in November 2018. After some research, I excitedly booked my flight from Allentown, PA and off I went. Let me tell you: It has paid off in a major way! I opened my LLC in my hotel room that Friday night of the event!

Christy Wright’s Business Boutique and her amazing team provided the start of my life being flipped right-side-up. God continues to use Christy and her team in an enormous way in my life. I learn all the things I don’t know about running a business from the Business Boutique. It has been an answer to the many prayers I sent up to God asking for a real path forward. I feel like myself again!

I’ve been able to take my intense work experience and use it in my business. I offer real value to business owners by helping them save money, elevate their team, ensure compliance around employment laws, and select the best talent. Our mighty team of eight is on a roll, and the future is so exciting!

This feels so right. I feel so alive and like I am being used for God’s purpose in a big way. The best part is having a platform that will help many people in different walks of life!

In closing, I want to share the amazing snowball effect that has occurred since I attended the Business Boutique Conference, started my business, and joined the Business Boutique Academy:

1. Our family is thriving. It is incredible! For example, my husband and I noticed that our 6-year-old son is so much happier and behaving so much better now that I’m no longer traveling and can be around more.

2. With more availability, I have room in my life to pursue other passions and interests that are important to me. I’ve been approached about heading up the Women’s Ministry at our church and my heart responded in a big way to that. I’m prayerfully considering it and how I could effectively empower the team of women to make an impact across our church. I love that it’s now something I can potentially do when it never would have been possible before!

3. I get to start every day with time dedicated to Jesus and exercise. I have no more excuses, and this has been transformational for me.

Some days are still a tough juggling act, but I’m getting better at this every day. It has been years since I have felt this amazing on a consistent basis.

Lastly, my church has a special women’s brunch every quarter. One of the women in the ministry is our speaker and leads the event. Perfectly timed, I was approached to lead the one on May 18! I am so excited to share my story. I will be speaking on Romans 8:31, “We are more than conquerors!” I can’t wait to share about the transformation and answered prayers in this special season of life and how God is using others like Dave Ramsey, Christy Wright and the Business Boutique in a mighty way. They are helping and equipping so many women like me to live out God’s calling for their lives and truly be alive!

This will just keep going as more women are able to make their dreams happen and share the message of “doing it scared” with their friends and family. I thank God for the Business Boutique movement!

If you asked me six to seven months ago if I would be here today, I truly would have laughed. I can’t believe this is my reality!

THANK YOU so much, Christy and team!

With much gratitude,

Erika Butler