Easter Surprise

It was just a few months ago that I posted about my Thoughtful Gift – where I barely dodged a humiliating Christmas gift-giving experience with my sweet husband’s Granny.

And now somehow, in record time, I have managed to find my way into a similarly horrifying predicament.

My husband and I have a close friend of the family going through (preventative) chemotherapy treatment as a follow up to surgery to ensure that the cancer doesn’t return. As a thoughtful gift, I decided to make an Easter basket for her filled with items that might help alleviate any side effects of the treatment. I got the idea from Casey at Pretty Organized and she does a 3 part series on items that could help. Luckily, she also has the link directly to Amazon where you can buy the exact, correct items.

I chose about 10-12 things from her list of suggestions, clicked them directly into my shopping cart and purchased them.

When they came in the mail, I organized them in a cute cloth basket with tissue paper so that each of the items were displayed.

One of the items was a box of absorbent bags to keep in the car in case you get sick while you are out driving. It’s not very exciting but it’s practical and I imagine would be helpful to have if and when you needed it.


Do you see that? Do you see that I ordered THAT right there?

Good. Because THAT is what I ordered.


We all know that I don’t have high levels of attention to detail so when we were loading up the basket Sunday morning to deliver it, I was very confused when my husband pulled out the purple box with a very concerned look on his face.

“Babe, I think you got the wrong thing here…”

And then he held up the purple box for me to see.


THIS is what was propped up proudly in the back of my basket:



My eyes were darting back and forth taking it all in…


The Stick Figure.


How-HOW does this keep happening to me?!

Needless to say, I removed the incorrect purple box and we delivered the Easter basket without disposable bags of any kind that day.

Happy Easter, y’all!