Do I Need a Blog for My Side-Business?

You’ve started a side-business, and since everyone you know that has a business also has a blog, you’ve decided to also start a blog. How hard could it be?

So you set up a WordPress theme and spend hours selecting fonts and color schemes, and you’re up all night choosing and editing photos. Then when you sit down to write, you discover any combination of the following:

  1. You don’t have anything to write about.
  2. You don’t like to write.
  3. You aren’t good at writing.

As you can imagine, this is frustrating. But because you feel like you have to blog, you keep writing long sentences about nothing. Then you have to get readers to this blog you’ve worked so hard on. So you post on Facebook, tweet, email, text, and send smoke signals to link back to your site. You end up begging people to come to your blog, and then if and when they do, you’re still not sure how to connect it to your business.

And in reality, all of this effort did nothing to grow your business. It only distracted your marketing efforts and confused your potential customers.

Blogging isn’t for everyone.

If you have a natural love and gift for writing—and if the blog drives your business—then by all means, blog.

For example, of all of the things I do for my work, blogging is one of my absolute favorites. I may take other things off of my plate when I get crazy busy. But as long as I am able, on Sunday nights after my baby is in bed, at midnight in hotel rooms, or while in-air on flights, I’ll do whatever I can to keep blogging. If you love it, do it.

But if it’s not for you, it’s okay. Let it go. You don’t have to feel pressure to do something a certain way just because that works for someone else. There are many ways to boost your business and become successful.

For example, I couldn’t care less whether or not my child’s piano teacher has a blog. I just want her to be able to read and play music and teach my child how to do the same.

When you let go of this pressure to write, you can spend time accomplishing more of what you know and love for your business. At the end of the day, that’s what your customers really want anyway.