Well it’s officially official.

For some of my friends and family that have been with me on this crazy journey the last 5 months, it’s probably no surprise. Others may not have seen this coming.

After months of interviews, all day planning sessions with Dave and our Board, extremely nerve-racking “auditions” like speaking at EntreLeadership Master Series, being under the microscope and evaluated in every possible way from my strengths and weaknesses to my family story, from my heart’s calling to my hairstyle, it’s finally official.

I am joining our team as a Ramsey Personality.


Dave Ramsey, our leader and widely-known national radio personality, has created a succession plan for our company, our message and our mission. Ramsey Personalities are that plan. By spreading our message with more people to more markets for a longer period of time, we can truly continue to change lives [after Dave retires.] I will be joining his daughter, Rachel Cruze, Leadership expert, Chris Hogan, and Financial expert in the Hispanic community, Andres Gutierrez as well as a new team member, Chris Brown who will speak in the Church market.

So what does this mean? What will I actually be doing?

Great question.

Instead of developing products full time and speaking on the side like I have been for 4.5 years, I will now be fully devoted to creating content and reaching existing and new markets. I will speak, write and coach full time as well as do media (and in the future, have products.)

This is just the beginning of a really exciting journey and who knows what God has in store. All that I know is that I am so very grateful to work in my strengths for a company that I believe in deeply that truly changes lives.

But what I’m most excited about is the impact that God will make that I get to have a front row seat to see. It’s fun and impressive and exciting – but more than that, it’s about God and the people he wants to reach through this.

My career has been a wild ride every day since my first job cleaning the pools at the Bellevue YMCA and managing a bunch of crazy 16-year olds.  And now I am just fastening my seat belt for what God has in store next!