A Thoughtful Gift



Matt and I are like many married couples where the woman buys almost all of the gifts for everyone on their list. This is partly because I take initiative to do it and partly because I genuinely enjoy every part of gift giving. I love thinking of the idea, finding it, buying it, wrapping it, and of course – giving it to the person.

There was one gift in particular that I was really proud of this year though – a present for his Granny.

Granny is getting older and like anyone in their 80’s, it becomes tough to remember things and people. I decided to get her a frame that we could record a message on so that anytime she wanted to, she could play our personal message.

When my little sister was 4 years old and I was out of state in college, I sent her one of these and she loved it. It had pictures of us in the frame and then I recorded a song to her that I used to sing to her when we were together. She loved it and would press the Play button over and over again. This reminded her of who I was because she could see my picture and hear my voice even though we were 12 hours apart.

I thought this same idea would be a huge hit with his Granny since we don’t get to see her often and hearing our voice with our picture would help her not only remember us, but also make her feel loved every time she played it.

Last week, I got the frame in the mail from Amazon and put the cute pictures of Matt and I in it. I tried to record a message to practice and test it but it didn’t work. So I opened the battery pack and found that the batteries were corroded. This was a small setback but I just bought new batteries and replaced them. I tried a message again and it worked.

A few days later, I asked Matt to join me to record the message for Granny together so that I could go ahead and wrap it and put the present under the tree.

We sat down on the couch and since there were 2 pictures for 2 messages, I told Matt that he could record the first one by himself and then we would record the next one together. Good plan.

I recorded Matt’s first message and when we played it back, it sounded perfect. It was a sweet message for Granny to feel loved.

So sweet.

Then, we recorded the other message where I spoke a message to her. In my usual chipper voice, I let her know that we loved her and were thinking about her and of course, wished her a Merry Christmas.

Then we played it back to confirm that it sounded good before we wrapped it up and put it under the tree.

And this

This is what we heard.

Horror, y’all. Complete horror.

I am not sure if you can be simultaneously crying laughing and completely horrified, but if so, that’s what we were.

Can you imagine if we had not tested it? Can you imagine this sweet elderly grandmother opening her Thoughtful Gift on Christmas day in front of the whole family and everyone listening as she played her personal message? Aside from terrifying his Granny on Christmas Day, I would forever be known as the demon-possessed daughter-in-law.

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Needless to say, this is going back to Amazon and I will come up with a new, less-terrifying, thoughtful gift for Granny.