How to Sell Your Idea

Let’s face it, sales can be tough.

When you have a product or service or idea that sets you on fire, you naturally want everyone else to see how awesome it is too. But you can quickly become frustrated in your attempts to turn your dream into a successful business.

A common mistake with most people, including sales professionals, is they talk about the wrong thing. Most people spend all their time pushing the standout features of their product or service or idea. But unfortunately, no one cares about how great your product is. (Except maybe your mom. Your mom probably cares.)

What people care about is what they care about. With that in mind, every word out of your mouth should answer this simple question: “Why should they care?”

Here’s an example. Let’s say you start a ferryboat business that takes people from the coast of Florida to an amazing tropical island.

You’re pretty excited about your ferryboat because you’ve worked hard to make it the best ferry possible. So when you’re ready to sell tickets, you start talking about how awesome your boat is.

“It has Italian leather seats and a top deck where you can enjoy the view.”

“It has a snack bar and a full staff to serve you.”

“It has a 5,000 horsepower engine with all new safety equipment.”

All of those things are nice, but they aren’t going to compel someone to buy a ticket. Why? Because no one cares about your freaking ferry boat! Sell them on what they care about, which in this case is the island. Talk about that instead.

“The island has tropical cabanas right on the beach. You can relax your worries away with a fruity drink that has a little umbrella in it.”

“The five-star restaurants are all on the water. And you can watch the dolphins swim close to shore at sunset while you enjoy fresh seafood.”

“The people are amazing! Everyone on the island is ready to serve you anything you need at any moment.”

The person you are selling to will likely respond with something like, “That place sounds amazing! How can I get there?”

You: “Well I just so happen to have a ferryboat.”

You see, when you start talking about what they care about, the sale becomes natural. It’s not pushy and the person is actually happy to buy it!

Next time you’re trying to sell something, whether it be a new business idea, a product you’re pitching or even just trying to convince your husband to knock down the wall in your living room (hypothetically of course) remember: Sell them on what they care about.