3 Gifts You Can Make with Stuff Around Your House

Even if you’re not creative or crafty, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the many benefits of making presents instead of buying them! Some DIY gifts can take a lot of time (and believe it or not, a lot of money too!) but they don’t have to. Here is a list of three easy gifts you can make using only things that you (probably) have lying around your house! Whether it’s for a child’s spring birthday, an anniversary around the corner or any other celebration you’ve got coming up, these gifts are thoughtful, fun, and best of all free!

1. For a child: a busy board

My husband and I love this idea so much that we are making one for our son, Carter. You can find tons of them on Pinterest for inspiration, and they are very simple. You just need a piece of some moderately sturdy material. You can use wood, foam board, or even thick cardboard from a shipping box. Then you attach all sorts of random objects on it for a child to play with. If you use wood, you can attach random things from your garage or attic: knobs, hinges, hooks, rings, wheels, chains, PVC pipe, and light switches. If you’re using a lighter material like cardboard, you can attach stick-on lights, bells, beads, pipe cleaners, ribbon, zippers, and on and on. The possibilities are endless with this one. Playing with all of these interesting new objects will keep your tiny toddler engaged and learning. And the best part is that you can finally put some of that junk in your junk drawer to good use!

2. For your spouse: love notes

The first-year anniversary present is paper. I had a friend years ago that gave her husband paper love notes by decorating their entire house in sticky notes while he was gone! She wrote on the notes things she loved about him, funny memories, and things she was grateful for. Not only was it incredibly thoughtful, but they had such a good time going through and talking about them. If you aren’t into making a mess of your house with notes, just grab a sticky note pad, fill all of the pages with notes, and wrap it in a small box. Your spouse will love the thoughtful gesture and appreciate being appreciated! If you’re really ambitious, you can make 365 so that your spouse can pull one off for every day of the year!

3. For a friend: sugar scrub

This is my go-to gift for girlfriends. You just mix sugar, olive oil and a scent of your choice (lemon juice, lavender oil, coconut oil, etc.) and jar it in a cute mason jar for friends. It’s quick, it’s easy, it smells good, and it makes your hands soft during the dry winter months. Make sure to make a little extra to keep for yourself!

Making gifts doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overwhelming. And it doesn’t have to involve an expensive trip to the craft store! These three ideas can be done in an afternoon just using stuff around your house. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get busy on my son’s busy board!